Sunday, 6 May 2018


After I came back from my last trip, I feel like I need a long break from travelling. I like to keep things moderate, you know like buying expensive latte, it would not be special or taste good anymore if I consume it every day (as much as I loveee coffee), I like to enjoy it when I am really relax (or really stress, lol), you know when I think I deserve it, so I'm gonna stick to my nescafe regularly as my daily coffee intake (huh what kind of perumpamaan is this? lol, nyway get what I mean~~)

The thing that I always want is something that I cannot buy with money, so I guess I have to continue walking @travelling & I don't want to make travelling like a competition/race, I want to do it for me & sharing experience/help others. I am thinking, which place did make me really happy? I think Nepal is the best place so far where I was away from any connection for a week, minggle with orang kampung & live a simple life. But.. I don't want to repeat same place in a mean time (if banyak duit tak pe lah kot, huhu). Next 3 places I can think of for now, 

1) Go to a place where I can have similar Nepal experience
2) Seeing animal always makes me happy. Perhaps an animal sanctuary or island full with cute animals.
3) Similar to No.2, but more specific, I want to hug a big group of Alpacas! (Chile sounds very ambitious to me, maybe 1 day, or other country that have Alpacas farm, haha)

We'll see. For now, it's time for me to rest & reflects.

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