Saturday, 6 July 2019

Summaries 2019 Travel Trip

Jot sebelum lupa:

• January - Kedah & Perak 
(Gunung Baling self plan hike & roadtrip!)

• February - Pahang 

(Spontaneous CNY Kuala Gandah trip with a CS friend)
*decided 6 hours before I hop on the car, haha

• March - Hokkaido
(My 3rd time in Japan to explore my 3rd region :D)

• April - Songkhla
(again I only decided to hop on the bus to Hat Yai right after work #lainmacamtahunni)

• June - Sarawak
(squeeze in my replacement leave, went to Kuching for Santubong hike & Bako trekking)

Sambung kerja, to be continue~ zZzzzZzz

Friday, 5 July 2019

Summaries 2018 Travel Trip

Haha setelah lebih setahun baru nak post kat blog ni, just to update & keep track my last trips (helo Nash dah 7 bulan nii, motiff?). Mujur akhir tahun lepas aku rajin buat summary ni, so cut & paste je lah hehe.

Lepas aku cakap nak hibernate from travel (look at my previous post, haha) semakin menjadi-jadi pula rezeki nak travel tu ewah *maybe I should start chant aku taknak kahwin perhaps it will turn out the opposites lulz

Sunday, 6 May 2018


After I came back from my last trip, I feel like I need a long break from travelling. I like to keep things moderate, you know like buying expensive latte, it would not be special or taste good anymore if I consume it every day (as much as I loveee coffee), I like to enjoy it when I am really relax (or really stress, lol), you know when I think I deserve it, so I'm gonna stick to my nescafe regularly as my daily coffee intake (huh what kind of perumpamaan is this? lol, nyway get what I mean~~)

The thing that I always want is something that I cannot buy with money, so I guess I have to continue walking @travelling & I don't want to make travelling like a competition/race, I want to do it for me & sharing experience/help others. I am thinking, which place did make me really happy? I think Nepal is the best place so far where I was away from any connection for a week, minggle with orang kampung & live a simple life. But.. I don't want to repeat same place in a mean time (if banyak duit tak pe lah kot, huhu). Next 3 places I can think of for now, 

1) Go to a place where I can have similar Nepal experience
2) Seeing animal always makes me happy. Perhaps an animal sanctuary or island full with cute animals.
3) Similar to No.2, but more specific, I want to hug a big group of Alpacas! (Chile sounds very ambitious to me, maybe 1 day, or other country that have Alpacas farm, haha)

We'll see. For now, it's time for me to rest & reflects.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Trip to Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Austria) - 17 Days Trip

Hamburg, Germany

Eh when I look back at my Trip to New Zealand entry, lebih kurang je, beza 3 hari je huhu, patutlah rasa penat semacam.. atas kekangan masa dan cuti so terpaksalah buat apa yang mampu. I hop from 1 place (or country?) to another, actually malas nak mengaku buat Europe Trip within 17 days, but I decided to “ JUST DO IT" because it's the right time & right place where flight tix was a good catch! For return trip (Amsterdam) I booked masa Traveloka tengah buat Europe promo, tolak tambah cost dia lebih kurang je harga flight pegi NZ haritu (logically flight duration almost twice longer) flew with Etihad & booked 2 months before, ada meal+30kg luggage & in flight entertainment (haha penumpang AirAsia tegar yg berasa amat bersyukur,lol) so it's a pretty good deal!

Dan yang paling penting semua kawan kat Europe (samada yang kenal masa travel & kawan Msian) tengah ada di rumah! Kalau lambattt sikit diorang tengah travel ke mana-mana, so no excuse for me to not to go now.


my "little" homework

Macam biasa haha my life is a joke *tetiba* I was contemplating, I was having a personal issue when I bought this flight ticket, it was very spontaneous without doing any proper kira-kira sebab aku terfikir life aku ni dok berjaga-jaga macam mana pun, dok macam tu jugak, ending yang sama jugak, why don't just risk it on this 1, at least aku memang akan berada di bumi europe.

So, I was struggling to get up from bed to make sure to at least prepare something for the trip. 2 weeks before, like it or not I have to scold myself to make sure at least I plan for my accommodation, transportation AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING Europe is soooo hugeee & I have sooo little time, I have to at least decide WHICH PLACE I WANTED TO VISIT in Europe (?)

Arrow showing my bus route

So first of all I have to understand Europe map, what's doable or not. be honest I never bother to study about Europe before sebab masih rasa belum ready walaupun dah bertahun-tahun fikir nak pergi, hehe.

I'm glad I have few friends who are very helpful when I was planning for my trip. I avoid France & Italy this time because.. hurmm I am not a fan of city & typical tourist area, I have friends that live out from the touristy area but kinda too far.. & I don't have enough time for this trip.


So finally I decided my routes a week before I flew *wink wink* 

Netherlands [Utrecht, Hoon]  -->  (3 days)
• Germany [Hamburg, Berlin]  -->  (5 days)
• Czech Republic [Prague]  -->  (4 days)
• Austria [Innsbruck]  -->  (3 days)
• Netherlands [Liesse]  -->  (1 day)
*Back to Netherlands since I am taking return Amsterdam flight

I know some people will say "CALM DOWN WOMEN" but haha well I have reasons why I go to each of this city/country aaaand I dunno when will I be back to Europe. 

Bus is my second home in Europe hahaha I use Flixbus when I travel from 1 country to another.
After I done my research, taking bus is way cheaper than taking the train.

My Bus Routes:

Amsterdam -> Hamburg (6 hours) *
Hamburg -> Berlin (3 hours)*
Berlin -> Prague (5 hours)*
Prague -> Munich (6 hours) [transit] Munich -> Innsbruck (2 hours)
• Innsbruck -> Munich (2 hours)  [transit] Munich -> Utrecht  (11 hours) *
* wuhooo!! somehow I survived that 13 hours bus ride from Innsbruck (Austria) to Utrecht (Netherlands) & straight wentto Keukenhof for the WHOLEDAY #joycried #wonderwomenme

Tips: I bought InterFlix pass for 99 (approximately RM500), I can choose 5 different destination with a flat rate of 20€ each, which I find is very cost effective;
(1) I can save a lot on my accommodation taking midnight bus
(2) Most midnight bus cost more expensive (30-40€) compare to day time bus.
Those in  I use my InterFlix pass

I took 7 bus ride in total! The other 2 were a short distance (2 hours each way) which only cost me 8/each so I bought them individually without using my InterFlix pass.

Fyi, ni first time pakai FlixBus, so aku agak sceptic sebenarnya, 99 euro bukan murah woi woiii~ tapi memang the cheapest option. Tiket bas ni semua settle before fly supaya tak pening kepala dah sampai sana & I went during Easter week, so a bit worried if tiket bas habis. But once I download FlixBus app, I loveee it! I can track down all my bus schedule!

Dalam apps dia macam ni

Oh how to use InterFlix pass? Once you purchase that 99€ pass, you will received 5 different codes for you to use when purchase the bus ticket. But you have to wait for 48 hours before they activate it. A bit confusing sebab there is no e-mail that indicate code kau dah di activatekan ke belum, so kena lah try & error lepas 48 hours tu. Fuhh sisturr takut jugak memula, tapi Alhamdulillah, all transactions gone smooth.

How much did I save? *drum rolls* After I sum up all 5 bus destinations, I save approximately about 50€ for ticket bus & 4 nights accommodation worth of +-60 ! (Dah RM550 jimat tu! Yay!)


• Netherlands (2 nights)
- Thanks to Wouter & Guusje (I met them during my Cambodia Trip 3 years ago!) for letting me stayover in their lovely apartment & how funny, it was the last weekend they staying there & about to move to different places a week later ':D *btw Wouter ni macam Jim Carey, kerja aku gelak gelak dan gelak, adeee je nak membahan haha crack! 

• Hamburg, Germany (2 nights)
- Farah's place! My Malaysian friend tengah buat Master in Hamburg. It was a very nice apartment & neighbourhood less than 1 km walk to the lake <3 Thank you masak kan dinner & bawak jalan-jalan too! Danke SchΓΆn!
Kitorang randomly take picture depan rumah orang haha!

• Berlin, Germany (2 nights)
- Corner Hostel [14€/nite + 3] - the cheapest & safest hostel I found in Berlin, buuut it's damn 4 km away from the city. Kenapa ada plus 3 kat situ, itu untuk bedsheet, tapi tak masuk akal backpackers nak bawak bedsheet sendiri, lepas tu kalau dah check out tak boleh lepak kat hall, whatevs~ BUT the good part, hostel was comfy & the pantry was not bad (Ohh the free coffee was good too!).

• Czech Republic (3 nights)
- Sokolska Youth Hostel [9/nite] - ooohh my favourite hostel for this trip & huuge kitchen love it! I even extend for 1 more nights! Oh btw I met a Czech friend that I met in Taiwan a year ago, just so happen she's in Prague! (how I wish my jodoh story is more like this, lulz)
Jana bring me to the best ice cream shop in Prague, Ricotta cheese & fig flavor ice cream, yums!

• Austria (3 days)
- CS Theresa - last minute found my host! Cute studio with alps view <3 She even put a lil chocolate on my bed as a welcome gift & invite me for tea with her neighbour, Thomas!
Triple 'T'! Tea with Theresa & Thomas!


My initial perceptions before I went, I feel like all city in Europe looks the same to me, until I get myself there only I realise, hey every city/country have their individual attractions!

Thanks to my very very helpful Dutch friends Wouter & Guusje <3, I experience a lot's of things here, the cute canals, cute building, appreciates how the old skool windmill functions, drink tea at the park, cool cafe boat, went to little town & neighbourhood, family dinner, picnic & flowersss. Rasa macam balik kampung, they temankan me like 24 hrs & siap bagi ole-ole *cried* 

Visiting another friend (haha Thanks Farah! Paling banyak tolong <3) A major port city, it's interesting that I went to the old under the sea tunnel that was build in 1911! A day before I left, it was snowing & everything turns white!
from this

to this on the next day!

A place where WWII happened, I'm glad I join free walking tour to every city that I visited & this is the best one! The next day I even extend my visit to the Holocaust Sachsenhausen concentration camp, such an educational experience.

Berlin Wall
Sachenhausen concertration camp

My first impression when I was here, rasa seperti di dalam dunia Shrek! haha! Lot's of cute romantic building with some medieval architecture. They actually called Prague a little Paris! I was torn to decide whether to watch orchestra or ballet, I decided to watch the Swan Lake ballet, and I love it~! Most of the time I rest & enjoy prague slowly. 

Aahhh finally mountains! I wish I was here for a week. It's a city surrounded by the alps! and everything are just by walking distance! I love this place! Went to the Nordkette's peak by cable car.

Oh ya when I was in Europe I somehow miss the less touristy simple life in Nepal, reliable safety in Japan & how everyone in Australia call me 'love' without even feel paranoid of tourist scams. Europe is beautiful & unique, tapi just kena sentiasa berjaga-jaga a bit, be aware of scams & pick pockets & sometimes you accidentally walk to dodgy area, sampai aku paranoid yang taknak mintak tolong strangers lah (so not me when travel, lol) sooo perhaps I'll blog some tips bila rajin nanti, haha~

WOW panjangnya post ni! OKlah BYEee~

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Summaries 2017 Travel Trip

2018 I don't know where I'm heading. I have rough ideas in mind, but rasa demoralise sangat to plan, why Nash? How can a person affected my life so much? I guess that "optimistic Nash" have to take a break for a while, hope she'll be back soon, I miss her.

Anyways, before I forgot & becoming more negative/rebellious & ungrateful (lulz), let me list down all of my 2017 trips first. I did pretty good last year. 5 countries, 10 trips in total within 12 months.

• January - Singapore 

(by train during long CNY holiday)

• February - Negeri Sembilan

(Gunung Dato' hike & Kuala Pilah stops)

• February - Taiwan

(explore a bit of the East Coast this time, Hualien & Taipei 2nd time)

• May - Negeri Sembilan & Melaka

(roadtrip Gemas > Melaka)

• May - Terengganu

(Pulau Kapas & Kuala Terengganu)

• August - New Zealand

(1/3 of North & South)

• September - Taiping & Penang

(by bus visit my kampung & few friends before I start my new job)

• October - Jakarta

(weekend short trip + business trip)

• December - Vietnam

(Saigon, Nha Trang: Birthday trip)

• December -  Pahang

(New Year eve trip: Sungai Lembing, Cherating, Kuantan)

Every time I travel, it helps me cure some sadness & I like the idea when I am travelling I am always positive & will push myself to go outside, do something, Nash! Perhaps I should plan more Major trip this year, beyond Asia perhaps. We'll see.

Ayoyo blogspot why your text color no change when I edit, don't want type anything dah lahhh pffft~

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Trip to New Zealand (a lil' bit North & a lil' bit South) - 20 Days Trip

Oh my, I have been procrastinating to jot down my travel notes for many many months! 3 trips to update for 2017;

Taiwan, New Zealand, & Jakarta (and other mini trips around Malaysia hurmm.. #siscuba la habiskan tahun ni eh)

Why New Zealand? Since... this year is my final year berumur 20-an, I think it's about time to go a bit further & stretch a bit my travel allocation (I have rules in doing my travel budget; RM2000 for outside South East Asia, & within RM500-RM1000 if around South East Asia & yes these all including flight ticket).

Oh well, I'm too lazy to jot down my actual amount how much I spend for this trip, but approximately for 3 weeks trip I did around RM4500 & yep that is including the flight cost & family's souvenirs shopping, hehe.

Travel dates 4th August 2017 - 23rd August 2017

*as usual, I purposely pick day 4 for flying since it's my lucky number, hiks

Oh yea I quit my job again after working with previous agency for about 2 years++, to find better opportunity & a break for myself too, so I take this advantage to make a loOong trip. Wish I can do longer, but only that date have a good return flight price, in the same time I'm quite worried in term of financial, orang kata NZ ni semua mahal, walaupun aku dah penah pi Ausie for few times, hahaha tapi memang betul, NZ ni semuanya mahal T_T & all this while I have been dreaming to go NZ tempted looking at the 2.8 currency, time aku nak pegi ni lah currency jadi 3.25 hahaha terima kasih lah nasibbb~

*interesting story, during that period I was busy going for a job interview (the interview was 4 stages iv, phew~) & the 4th interview was a voice call with the country manager & I had it when I was on my way to the airport, haha (& yes I finally get the good news few days before I end my NZ trip, Alhamdulillah~)

Ohh & again, the workload was craaazy before my last day working, I only prepare my travel research & booking within 2 weeks time before flying & setelah berpening kepala, I've finally decided the route & I divided this trip into 2 phase:
(Flight took +- 13 hours included 1 hour transit in Gold Coast, so touch down Auckland on the 5th Aug)
(5 - 14th Aug 2017)
NORTH New Zealand :  Auckland > Rotorua Taupo Palmerston North Wellington
Transportation: Trip me & Aina, we rented a car for a 1 week roadtrip

Wellington > Christchurch => Took domestic Flight (Jetstar 29$)

(15 - 23th Aug 2017): Solo Trip :
SOUTH New Zealand :  Christchurch Akaroa Lake Tekapo Mt. Cook Village Christchurch Auckland
Transportation: My solo trip, I bought a 10-hours-Intercity Bus pass (85$) to travel around South

Christchurch > Auckland => Took domestic Flight (Jetstar 35$)

*btw on my 2nd last day I took the earliest flight 6.30 am from Christchurch to Auckland, stay 1 more night in Auckland before fly to KL. Haha I know pelik why waste money stay 1 more night dekat city kan? Because I want to catch Jetstar's good price domestic flight, if the next day the price was double!

I try my best to stretch my budget as cheap as possible, I got a headache figuring out how to spend as less as I can for 18 nights. So I manage to do, 11 nights at hostels, 5 nights Couchsurfing & 2 nights at the airport, hehe. 

Kenapa tak buat semua hari Couchsurfing? boleh save budget kan? Ok 1 thing to consider, if you plan to do CS in NZ, you have to type many many many request mail & the chance is pretty low, sebab apa? Sebab kat NZ ni banyak sangat traveler, I met few other CS while traveling & they say these thing are common. I was lucky when I was in Wellington actually, it was a very intersting incident, I am rarely lucky, but I was just trying my luck 1 night before I reach Wellington I got a host! She just re-activated her CS after so long & just so happen I text her! Her house is on the hill & it so beautiful 😍 Second reason why more stay in hostel is because CS is fun way to learn more bout local culture, but since it's quite a short trip & can be very tiring, so sometimes I just need my own space to rest & sleep & not talk to anyone once I reach my bed πŸ˜‰

Summarised to my accomodation:

Auckland (1 night) 
- CS Caroline (I sleep at a student apartment πŸ˜„)

Rotorua (1 night) 
- Crash Palace Hostel [18.50nzd/nite]

Toupo (2 nights) 
- Tiki Lodge [18.50nzd/nite] (I looove this lodge, a comfy bungalow & the kitchen is hugee. The owner even give us a ride to take our car  during day we were looking for place to stay)

Palmerston North (2 nights) 
- CS Emma (Asian student house, so cool I met student from China, Vietnam, Japan & Korea!)

Wellington (4 nights) 
*I purposely park myself a bit longer in Welly to rest & plan for my 2nd half trip
- Night 1 - Lodge in the City [15nzd/nite] - it's cheap but DO NOT STAY at this dodgy hostel!
- Night 2 - CS Ceedee (Thank you Ceedee for saving my lifeee, even though I have to do your house chores πŸ˜‚)
- Night 3 - sleep at airport, hehe. Suprisingly it's ok to sleep. I slept infront of BMW display car & it was really comfy πŸ˜‚

Christchurch (2 nights)
- Night 2 - Kiwi House Hostel [20nzd/nite] (funny this hostel full with Japanese student, lol. It's bloody 2km away from the city because it was 8$ cheaper from the rest of hostel πŸ˜‚ *yes I walked back & forth to the city with my 10kg backpack haha)

Lake Tekapo (1 night)
- Lakefront Lodge [35nzd/nite] (not many options here, so slightly expensive, but oh my 1 of my fav backpackers place, it is right infront of the lake!)

Mount Cook Village (3 nights) 
- Mt. Cook Lodge & Hostel [35nzd/nite] (I purpose splurge by staying longer here, since it's my final stops, I looove this lodge kitchen too 😍)

Christchurch (1 night) 
- sleep at airport again, hehe, this time many people sleep at airport, I reward myself a cuppa chai latte before sleep 😴

Auckland (1 night)
Nomad Backpackers [18nzd/nite] (It's clean, due to miss communication during booking, they gave me free laundry, yay!)

As you can see, everything in South are slightly (or double) expensive, right? But it was worth the trip because the view was amazing, I think South is such a magical moment & sceneries to me :)

Oh my panjangnya ini entry, I need to make part 2 for the itinerary where did I go πŸ™Š Till then!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

WIP 2017 trip

Haha I think orang gila jer plan pegi NZ sendiri 2 minggu sebelum flight, hahaha kamon Nash kalau Taiwan pun boleh plan 3 hari je, apalagi 2 minggu (terpaksa lah optimistik). Sebok bekerja , cari kerja dan raya-raya & tetiba tarikh last day keje kena extend pulak, jadinya masih bekerja sehari sebelum flight,uh. Kenapa pattern kehidupan I selalu begini ekk

This will be hadiah trip for my 30th year :-) Walaupun umur sudah agak lewat, tapi ni first time nak buat long trip roadtrip, tapi takpelah ikut phase sendiri. Plan 1st half trip punya costing ni pun dah buat kepala rasa adoidoi, my 2nd half trip tak tahu lah, mohon sempat & cukup budget. It's not easy to travel cheap okay, but somehow I enjoying the process :-)